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Marinated & Prepared

Pre-spiced, prepped and ready to rock
Impossible Wellington (200g)

Impossible Wellington (200g)

1 review

Love Handle Pastrami (100g)

4 reviews


Love Handle Pâté (50g)


Green Rebel Beef Rendang (150g)

2 reviews

Dairy & Condiments

Our array of plant-based cheese, butters, sauces & complementary products

Love Handle Classic Butter (100g)


Love Handle Egg Mayo (100g)

4 reviews

Love Handle "Hao Gan Ma" (Spicy) (100g)


Love Handle Feta in Brine (100g)

The Deli

Dine at our deli

Love Handle on Ann Siang is also home to our deli where Chef Addis and crew whip up delectable fresh and re-imaged takes on all your favorite comfort foods.

Visit Our Butcher

Home to our very own innovation hub, the Love Handle team spends hours here experimenting on new recipes and new approaches to developing delicious plant-based protein alternatives - with delicious being the keyword!

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