How it works

Step 1 | Choose your box.

With 5 different boxes to choose from, we’ve got options to fit your lifestyle.

Step 2 | Choose how often.

Select your preferred frequency and get it delivered every 2,4 or 8 weeks. Delivery is always free!

Step 3 | That's it!

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed priority supply of only the best plant-based meats!

Subscription Perks

20% off regular prices
Get your first month FREE*

*with 12 month prepayment

FREE plant-based new items

Free meats, egg, cheeses, butters or condiments included with every delivery!

FREE cooler bag

On your first subscription.

10% off all purchases

Both dine-in and online, always.

Free delivery on ALL orders!

On any new orders, simply choose the option to include with next subscription order to enjoy free delivery on any order.